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i’m a homewrecker! (apparently)

so i work with this guy, right? and we have a beautiful blossoming friendship. he’s a great guy, we like a lot of the same stuff, and i can be myself around him. yes, this is the same guy from that boxing day cabaret, we’ve never talked about it, so it’s all good. but anyway we have a blast at work (because we share an office). we play music, talk about our lives, watch youtube.. i don’t think you can find a better work environment.

this past saturday i saw him at the bar so i went up to him and we talked about whether or not this new guy from the uk is going to be good looking. then his girlfriend comes up to us and says without even looking at me, hey guys, i just came over to say hi. what are you guys talking about? don’t be fooled, she wasn’t being nice, she was being a cunt. and so she continued talking to him without me, then MY boyfriend came over to talk to me. and as my bf was talking to me, my co-workers gf came over and started flipping her hair and trying to flirt with my man.

uh, bitch, i don’t want to play this game. but if you want to play, you are going to lose. i don’t take nicely to bitches, hence why i only have about 2 or 3 girl friends.

the night goes on and later i get a text saying “my girlfriend isn’t your biggest fan.” uh okay, sure, grain of salt. then on tuesday (monday was a holiday), i come to work and my co-worker tells me to go to an empty room to have a conversation. alright. we sit down and he apologizes. then he tells me that he told his gf has to deal with our friendship because there is in fact nothing going on.

then throughout the day he proceeds to tell me about his gf and why he is questioning his love for her, and all this bull shit that makes me feel very uncomfortable. the day concluded with me making constant jokes that probably made the situation worse.

all in all, i think this is good for my ego. does that make me a bad person?

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